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Biometric Pad System

Coming Soon!
Our New Biometric Pad System -  A New Attendance and Security System

We are ushering in the cutting edge in technology  with a system that will assist us in keeping every student safe and accounted for. We are asking that parents pay attention to temporary registration codes sent home to ensure that you are able to sign your child in and out of school daily. Additionally, you will be asked to scan your fingerprint at the check-in desk daily.

The Biometric ID scan does not produce a picture or image of individual fingerprints. The system electronically scans hundreds of data points on the finger that are then processed as a data string through two proprietary systems. Because this scan is simply a series of random numbers, there is no harmful or useful information that can be obtained from the data produced by the Biometric ID pad. 

Please help us as we move towards making our school a more safe and nurturing environment.

Thank You

Audrey I. Wainwright, Principal

Updated: May 8, 2012